• Nigerian Brides - Aso Oke, Jewellery & Colours

    I was not the type that dreamt of my wedding day, picked out baby names etc. Then he showed up :) Now, years later, I have had to start from scratch. There was a lot that I did not know. Researching themes - colours, decor, outfits etc took up a big chunk of my time.  I have a much better idea of what I want now so I thought it'd be cool to share some bits of the lessons with you. I hope it'll help newbies with ideas of what could be done and create talking points for experienced ladies.

    I will mostly be sharing beautiful pictures of brides and their stunning guests with you. If you are into social media especially Instagram, you'd have been coming across many beautiful colours and combinations of aso oke and beaded jewellery. A lot of times we see wedding pictures that leave us wondering just how much money had been spent on that stunning bride. But think of it this way, have you loved all Monogrammed aso okes? I haven't. Why not? They are all in the same price range anyway. Many brides fall in the trap of trying too hard to be trendy. It's better to stay true to yourself and to what you are comfortable with. Trends come and go, you want to be able to look at your wedding pictures in ten years time and not cringe.I therefore think it's better to always choose classic themes.

    Different factors contribute to a finished trad look - the style of patterns, how the colour suits the wearer's complexion, fit of the outfit, chosen colour combination, jewellery etc. If these factors clash or are not well thought through, the result will be a mehh-ish looking bride. So it's more about you and I's style. We don't have to rob banks to get our desired looks. I hope  I'll be able to make your journey that little bit easier.


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