Check out some more stunning IG brides in varied and beautifully designed aso okes. 

    Yoruba bride in monotone burgundy aso oke on Opemie

    Photo Credit: @facesbylabisi

    Monotone burgundy aso oke embellished with gold stones and white beads (they look like pearls). What's not to love? 


    Yoruba Nigerian Bride in vibrant gold and purple asooke

       Photo Credit: @royal_images

                 She's popping! It's not just the vibrant colours, I love the box pattern.


    Nigerian bride in aso oke 2015 latest look

       Photo Credit: @august55media

    The simple ivory gele and ipele with sequins complement her beautiful gold iro and buba.          

     Stunning Yoruba Nigerian bride in red aso oke

    Photo Credit: @bimmms24

    I love the silver stone patterns, like fireworks :)


    Nigerian bride in burgundy and silver asooke

    Photo Credit: @mofebamuyiwa

    The wavy patterns on her gele blend with her buba and the aso oke, even though it's only 2 colours, comes off as bold. Stunning!


    Nigerian bride in pink lavender aso oke


    Photo Credit: @mofebamuyiwa

    My love for monotone aso oke ehn! Favourite thing about this is that the pink lavender colour is so chill and at the same time gorgeous!


    Beautiful Nigerian Yoruba couple in royal blue and orange aso oke

    Photo Credit: @tapstudios

    I appreciate it when people combine colours using shades that fit and won't end up looking tacky. They look regal in this royal blue and burnt orange aso oke combo. 


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