• So I Read Paris Letters :)

    Pemi on Janice Macleod's Paris Letters
    Many are stuck in a rut with no clue of how to get out. Janice was too but eventually she got tired enough to make 'drastic' changes to her lifestyle.  Her book 'Paris Letters' was like a nod to the life lessons I've been learning recently.
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  • Searching

    I was fighting a losing battle. You cannot know it all. It is impossible to always have life correctly figured out and when plans don't work out, that should be ok. I needed to come to a place of trust. I called myself christian but really had no trust that he who made me always has me in his sight. My role is to do what I know how to do, move a step at a time and see him work.
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  • Adulting & my bowl of soup

    Ever been doing the most mundane stuff and suddenly you're like "Hollup hollup! *insertdeeprandomthoughts*". In recent weeks, many of my Twitter friends (me too tbh) have been moaning about 'adulating'...
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  • Release

    Also, consciously seeing your story as a whole shows you just how little you know of others'. I mean if you had to take time to date you to figure out your patterns, how much can you know from another person's social media pictures and few second videos?
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  • Knowing You (Do the work!)

    Our experience of the world became limited to the fix we got from other people. You know, like that boy you were not so into but you became his girlfriend because you did not want to be the only single one in your group of friends. We want to belong and be liked. Then when we are not looking at our immediate circle, we are online, seeking validation from strangers on social media or copying trends that we really have not given thought to.
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