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    Opemie on Janice Macleod's Paris Letters


    I randomly saw a tweet from @Miss_Jayla about how lovely this book is and I checked reviews and got it. So glad I did. Paris Letters was written by Janice Macleod. She took up a challenge to keep a journal (Morning Pages) for 365 days and she blogged about the experience on After the Artist's Way although she now writes on her own site. I LOVE the simplicity of her writing. Reading it was like having a friend describe recent events to me. Also, the chapters were short and sweet! 

    Janice wrote about being 34 and unhappy with her copywriting job as well as wanting more out of life. Writing helped her to see her issues clearly and plan her way out. She went through a process of dejunking and practising minimalism, saving and investing and then travelling. She found love on her trip to Paris and wrote about how a series of seemingly random events led to her business of painting letters. 

    The book resonated with me because I started journaling consistently late last year and the amount of stuff that jumped back at me from the pages, some of which I have now been able to deal with, was amazing! Usually I have different things in my mind from day to day, they come and they go but writing brought me clarity. You get to take stuff out of you, dump them on a page and look at them whole. You don't get to lie because you're writing for your eyes only anyway, so you put it all out there...unrealistic expectations, stupid decisions, hopes and dreams e.t.c. You're then able to pick them apart, see the foolishness, see the wisdom and make choices.

    The book reinforced what I recently learnt - THE ANSWER LIES WITHIN. It is up to us to consciously design our lives. Many of us fear the (sometimes ugly) work that comes with studying ourselves. We hide behind distractions and focus on our judgement of others, anything that'll stop us from facing up to our own shortcomings and imperfections is welcome.

    Janice had to peel off so many hindering layers from her friends and she learnt to focus on things that are really valuable to her. She consciously made changes when she had had enough. She started blogging as a way to hold herself accountable. It was about her and her goals and nothing else. It is ok to not know but one must learn to trust life and its seasons. Learn to be grounded enough to make necessary changes and keep moving purposefully, trusting that what will be will be. 

    Janice found her way. Even if the answers are not what you want, they'll most likely be what you need and you can find them too. 

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